Chloe wants to impress Drake, the most popular dragon in school. What makes it even harder is that all the other dragonesses are trying to get his attention, too. Everyone knows that dragons love to be impressed and only like dragonesses who can do cool things! So said Chloe’s best friend, Sarah and her not so best friends, Saraphina, Dilly and Blue.

Sarah and Chloe try to come up with ways for Chloe to get Drake‘s attention. Chloe just doesn’t seen to blew heart shaped smoke like the other Dragoness’ and everyone always seems to notice when she does anything wrong for that matter. How horrible!

Sarah tells Chloe she should try sun kissing that was only played by dragons. Chloe wasn’t sure about this, especially which all the other girls watching. And once again, Chloe is sick and feels foolish when it doesn’t work. Was it going to take a miracle for Chloe to be able to impress Drake?

As we all have something we are better at that others, so does Chloe! Follow Chloe as she learns just what her own unique ability is and learn how Chloe impresses Drake.

Mark Wisher tells a heart warming fairy tale that illustrates we all have something we can do better than others, and THAT something makes us unique with our one brand of fire.
JD Holiday

Mark Wisher a full time writer for children's television, and the author of How to Impress A Dragon, Don't Kiss The Prince and Say Mummy Say Daddy! 

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